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Who we are

We're a small consulting team focused on small business automation and workflow optimization. We're obsessed with efficiency, as long it doesn't impact your culture. We're a small business, focused on small businesses.

What we do

We help you focus on what you and your team actually enjoy doing by looking for opportunities to automate tedious workflows and bring your tools together to act as one.

How we do it

We strive to understand your business first. We start by discovering what matters to you so we can remove obstacles and let you focus on the important stuff.


We work directly with you and your team to understand your business. We identify your biggest pain points and where you want to go.
We analyze your existing tools and workflows for areas of opportunity, using data gathered during discovery or provided by you.
We architect a plan that works for you.
We implement the plan.
We listen to your feedback.
We iterate on the plan based on your feedback.

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